Friday, 29 July 2011

Polo out the neck trick

Ok this is really easy.

first he uses cinema make up and special effects very well. what I believe he has done is, keep a packet of Polos in his pocket just ready for the trick. Also behind his back (possibly in the label of his T-shirt) he has another half sucked polo (waiting in the wings)

He asks someone to pick a Polo out of his packet (any Polo)and put it into his mouth.
He then takes off his necklace (metal) and ties it around his nick the both ends behind his head. While sucking on the Polo in his mouth and eventually swallowing it, He slips the Polo behind his head onto the necklace. without letting it fall down the necklace,

Now this is the amazing bit, what looks like him chocking himself with his necklace, he is actually squeezing it into a prosthetic neck made by a Hollywood special effects lab, stuck to his neck at the front. and also easy enough that it will break but come back together.
Or he just dug it really deep into his skin.... Im sure he uses fake skin at some point though.

As he wisps away the necklace from his neck, He lets the half eaten polo from behind his head, fall down his necklace from his left hand. and appear that it has just come out of his neck. The whole movement is done so fast you cant see the Polo appear from anywhere.

but you do see it wiggle from side to side as it comes to a stop in the middle of the necklace, meaning it had to come with force from one side.

Nokia Phone Trick

Ok. This is my first Post to try to expose every trick of the Magician 'Dynamo' real name Steve Frayne. Let me first say that I'm a big fan of his and was utterly stunned by what he can do, my mouth remained wide open while I watched his last season: Magician Impossible.

I relies that what he does is classed as Magic or An Illusionist and that their secrets are very important to the magic circle, well I haven't actually given away any secrets only discovered them... and then given them away, but only with the help on sky+ and pausing on you tube. I have never actually met him.

OK first trick: He shows a magazine with a advert for a Nokia phone, the picture is a desart scean with a phone in the bottom right hand corner.
he then 'magically makes the phone appear in his hand and off the ad. wow!

he does this by folding the page over to reveal the phone printed on, behind this page is another identical page without the phone... simple

He then in one movement produces the phone out of his hand/ either through his sleeve or behind his hand and brought out his pocket. but the point is I can clearly see the phone in his hand and on the page at the same time, then the page flip over. (In photo above.)

so he DOES use slight of hand and all tricks are set up before in preparation. If he could make objects like phones appear in his hand from a printed ad then he wouldn't have both 'phones' in the same place at the same time...... he's very fast though!

Go onto his site and pause it at 2:19 /20 seconds. you will see it all revelled !!